Interactice Design / VR / AR

Anatomy Museum - Master's Degree Project

Interactive application created as a part of a master’s degree research project.

The application allows a virtual tour of Glasgow’s Anatomy Museum and investigation of seven of museum’s specimens.

The interactive digitized specimens were enhanced with visualizations communicating anatomical and physiological concepts.

Virtual Air Pollution Experience - VR and AR applications

Research project VAPE (Virtual Air Pollution Experience) development of a VR application used during laboratory tests. I was responsible for user experience (UX), sketching and communicating ideas between scientists and game developers. I was also responsible for creating the virtual environment.

The research aimed to assess the potential of virtual visualizations in indicating the level of air pollution.

I was responsible for creating and simulating the visualizations in Unity using Unity’s VFX graph.

An Augmented Reality application was created for an event related to the project.

The aim was to present the health hazard caused by air pollution and to build awareness of the issue.

I was responsible for all aspects of the AR project.

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